Working together - Our process gets you one step closer to entering your new home or building.

Often working with an architect is a one's first foray into design.  We try to demystify the process. At the beginning of every project we get to know you as well as you get to know us. We offer a complimentary meeting at the potential site or existing home.  This meeting helps us understand your style, functional needs and budget. We will discuss the services we provide. You can opt for a simple consultation up to full design services. We will help create the process that works for you.

How you can help:
   •  We encourage you to assemble a journal of anything that inspires you,
        whether it's another home, magazine clippings, artwork, furnishings or a
       magnificent view.  

    •  If you have any existing conditions drawings, previous sketches or new ideas
       please bring them to the table.  The more we can learn about you and your
       project the better.

   •  Bring an open mind, we want to work with you and create different concepts to
       creatively reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Summary of Services:

   •  Pre Purchase Evaluation:
       Many of the homes on the South Shore and in Greater Boston are older and do
       not meet the needs of today's modern lifestyle.  Before purchasing a home, we
       can help you decide if it's the right investment.  Together we can walk-through
       and discuss potential renovation ideas and addition possibilities.  We can
       weigh preliminary costs and help you to decide if a particular house can be
       altered to meet your needs.

    •  Realtor Renderings:
       Beyond being a resource for homeowners, we can assist realtors in this difficult
       market.  If you have a lagging property listing, we can work with the seller to
       showcase a new design or create a 3-D rendering.  These can help buyers
       visualize the potential of the property.  We can also assist with some preliminary
       costs of the proposed work.

   •  Master-Planning:
       Are you dreaming of a future addition and not sure if you should invest in odd
       jobs around the house now? Planning now can save you money in the long
       run. You don't want to have to demolish new work or design around a newly
       furbished space. So it is helpful to understand what future changes you want to
       make and how they will impact areas of your home. We can provide you with
       some overall sketches of your vision and discuss scenarios. When the time
       comes for you to start building, we can turn those sketches into construction

   •  Limited Design:
       This is a limited design scope for the budget conscious. We will still engage in
       overall preliminary planning and schematic design. However, we create only
       those drawings required by your Town for a construction permit. From there the
       Owner and Contractor will be responsible for final details, finish materials and
       overseeing construction.

   •  Full Architectural Services:
       This includes the traditional five stages of design from programming, design,
       construction documents, bidding and construction administration.  Each phase is
       defined below:

Programming: This is the pre-design phase when we determining your
needs, tastes and budgets. We take measurements of your home or
engage a surveyor to document the site.

Schematic Design: This is the collaborative process when we provide
different designs based on our preliminary information and work with you
to come up with the vision that suits your needs.  We provide plans,
elevations and 3-d renderings of the proposed project.

Construction Documents: Preparation of the drawings and specifications
for construction. This includes details and materials selection, structural

Bidding and Contract Negotiation: contractor walk-thru, price proposal
comparison, contract language.

Construction Administration: Working as your on-site advocate we attend
regular on-site meetings to ensure compliance with design and contract.
We assist with changes to the design and review contractor payments
and schedule.

Interior Design:
Need to update a bathroom, mudroom or kitchen?  Need more storage space?
We can create custom designs for your everyday needs.

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